Peugeot Finance Brisbane

Insurance Options

We have a range of Insurance Options available to help you protect both your investment and your loan. Our team of vehicle insurance experts can provide highly competitive insurance packages. Contact us for more information or a quote..


·         Comprehensive Car Insurance: Car Insurance with impressive features! A brand new replacement car if your new car is written off or stolen in the first 3 years from original registration date. Genuine parts will be used and there are no additional fees payable if you choose to pay by the month.

·         Loan Protection Insurance: What happens to your car loan if something happens to you? With Loan Protection Insurance you can have peace of mind knowing your car loan will be paid if something happens to you. Your repayments will be covered if you are unable to work due to injury, illness, involuntary unemployment or suffer a defined trauma or death (subject to limits/sum insured in policy). 

Value Protect Insurance: If your car is declared a total loss, there is a good chance your Comprehensive Insurance payout may not cover the total amount you paid for your car, or the loan amount you still owe. Value Protect Insurance covers this shortfall so you don’t have to! Whether you have paid for your vehicle outright, or have a loan balance outstanding, Value Protect Insurance can help so a total loss doesn’t leave you out of pocket.

*For full terms and conditions of cover and policy limits, please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Document available from the Dealership.

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