Peugeot Capped Price Servicing Terms & Conditions

These Terms & Conditions apply to the Peugeot Capped Price Service Program from the 1st January 2015 and also apply to the All New Peugeot 308 sold from the 20th October 2014.

If your vehicle was purchased prior to these dates please refer to the Capped Price Service documentation supplied with the vehicle at the time of purchase for the relevant Terms & Conditions applicable to your vehicle.

1. The Peugeot Capped Price Service Plan - applies to the following five (5) eligible scheduled services only:

  • 12 months / 15,000km Scheduled Service
  • 24 months / 30,000km Scheduled Service
  • 36 months / 45,000km Scheduled Service
  • 48 months / 60,000km Scheduled Service
  • 60 months / 75,000km Scheduled Service

2. The recommended service intervals are 12 months or 15,000kms (whichever occurs first.) Should a vehicle travel shorter distances and not reach the nominated distance, the recommended service should be performed at the required time interval.

3. The recommended service must be carried out within 3 months or 5,000kms of the recommended schedule to be eligible for the published Peugeot Capped Price Service Plan price for that particular recommended scheduled service.

4. The Peugeot Capped Price Service Plan covers all scheduled service maintenance items listed under Service Operations (except wear and tear items) in the Vehicle Service and Information Booklet , including:

  • genuine Peugeot parts,
  • labour,
  • fluids & lubricants,
  • Sundries,

5. The above scheduled services will be carried out for the maximum service plan price as displayed in the VIN lookup tool, nothing within these terms and conditions prevents individual dealers charging less than the capped price for any of the services.

6. The prices displayed include GST. Any change to the GST rate will affect the total price of the service.

7. You must enter your VIN number into the VIN Lookup tool to retrieve the specific Peugeot Capped Price Service pricing plan that applies to your vehicle for the duration of the plan.

8. The Peugeot Capped Price Service Plan applies from the warranty start date of the vehicle (The warranty start date can be found in the Vehicle Service & Information Booklet) and will expire for an eligible vehicle when;

  • The defined scheduled services are performed or past their expiry conditions
  • The passing of 63 months from the warranty start date
  • A distance of 80,000kms being travelled

9. The Peugeot Capped Price Service Plan is available at participating authorised Peugeot dealers throughout Australia only.

10. The Capped Price Service Plan remains with the specific vehicle regardless of any change of ownership that may occur for the duration of the plan. The Peugeot Capped Price Service Plan is not transferrable to another vehicle.

11. The Peugeot Capped Price Service Plan is applicable to vehicles imported and distributed by Peugeot Automobiles Australia and originally sold by its authorised dealer network.

12. Items not covered by the Peugeot Capped Price Servicing Plan include:

  • additional service schedule items that may be required due to the vehicle having been driven in arduous or severe conditions. By way of example:
    • Continuous door to door use
    • Urban use with regular slow speeds below 60 kilometres per hour
    • Extended use in;
      • Hot Climate above 30 degrees C
      • Cold climate below -15 degrees C
      • Dusty conditions
    • Use with poor quality fuel
  • Items replaced which are subject to wear and tear. These items include, but are not limited to, batteries, ball joints, light bulbs, wiper blades and inserts, fuses, drive belts, brake pads, brake linings, brake disc rotors, shock absorbers, tyres, wheels, clutches and wheel bearings.
  • Adjustments that may be required from time to time as a result of normal usage such as noises and vibrations, door, boot and bonnet alignment, wheel alignment and tyre balancing, lock adjustments and headlight alignments.
  • Inspections and checks as required by State authorities for vehicle registration.
  • Repairs required due to damage caused by accidents, use of non- genuine parts and accessories, poor quality or unsuitable fuel, modifications or conversions by companies not approved by Peugeot.

13. Should any additional work not covered by the Capped Price Service Plan be required, you will be advised of the additional costs, and your approval sought, prior to any work commencing.